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NASA Harvest and UCAB Form Strategic Alliance to Enhance Agricultural Insights in Ukraine

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NASA Harvest is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with the Ukraine Club of Agricultural Business (UCAB), focused on enhancing agricultural assessments in Ukraine amidst the ongoing war. This collaboration builds on NASA Harvest’s ongoing efforts to provide transparent, timely information on Ukraine’s agricultural production and the impact of the war, and will assist in the post-war recovery efforts.


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"The partnership with NASA Harvest represents a valuable experience for the Association and new opportunities for the Ukrainian agri-sector. The international perspective on global food security and agriculture will help refine the sector and provide substantial analytics essential for recovery and European integration," says Oleg Khomenko, CEO of UCAB.


UCAB’s broad regional presence among its member companies facilitates the sharing of valuable local expertise and hard-to-access field data. This approach ensures confidence in the quality of the research conducted and the subsequent assessments made based on remote sensing.


"We are committed to doing everything possible to provide the agricultural sector with high-quality analytics, and we are thrilled to have the support of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, a key player in the Ukrainian agricultural market, on this journey” - said Alex Olin, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at NASA Harvest. 


The collaboration will focus on several key areas:

  • Cooperation with UCAB partners to enhance NASA Harvest’s crop estimates that are provided to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. 
  • Involvement of agricultural experts in ground data collection. 
  • Involvement of students from the educational program "AgroKebety" in the NASA Harvest Ukraine agricultural assessments.
  • Deepening of cooperation in the field of sustainable agriculture.


News Date
May 20, 2024