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Blake Munshell

Faculty Specialist, University of Maryland

How I work with Harvest

Blake Munshell is a Faculty Specialist for the University of Maryland and NASA Harvest. His roles include supporting projects for the NASA Harvest development team and partner organizations including data analysis, accuracy assessments, and developing applications and interfaces. His interests include agricultural monitoring, conservation and biodiversity, and education.


Blake Munshell has been with NASA Harvest as a Faculty Specialist since August 2021. He initially started as an undergraduate intern with the Department of Geographical Sciences working on accuracy assessments for the GEOGLAM Crop Monitor for AMIS, as well as working on crop type mapping and marketing materials. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Environmental Science, Blake started as a graduate research assistant to Dr. Michael Humber, where he continued work on the GEOGLAM Crop Monitor, field classifications, and data interfaces. After being promoted to Faculty Specialist in August of 2021, he has continued work supporting the development team and the international partners.

Blake Munshell