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NASA Harvest Portal

Harvest Portal
What We Do

NASA Harvest Portal: A tool for food security and agricultural data discovery and analysis.



How Satellites Make This Work

The NASA Harvest Portal will serve as a data discovery, analysis, visualization, and distribution platform; designed to query and access data relevant to Harvest, provided by program partners or through integration with other data systems. By bringing together socio-economic and datasets derived from satellite earth observations, the Harvest Portal will empower partners and stakeholders to conduct analysis beyond current approaches, to significantly advance our understanding of drivers and impacts of food insecurity. In addition, with this online Portal, Harvest data management will adhere to NASA’s Plan for Increasing Access to Results of Scientific Research through publicly accessible datasets, publications, and metadata. MODIS and other satellite data sets will be utilized. 

Michael Humber, University of Maryland
Team Members
John Keniston, University of Maryland
Brian Barker, University of Maryland
Antonio Sanchez, University of Maryland
Alyssa Whitcraft, University of Maryland
Inbal Becker-Reshef, University of Maryland
, University of Maryland