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Sub-National Agricultural Production Archive

A compilation of published sub-national agricultural statistics from around the globe
What We Do

Working with USAID FEWS NET and Harvest members, this project compiles an archive of historic sub-national agricultural statistics for the globe, with an emphasis on non-European/North American countries.



How Satellites Make This Work

The project compiles sub-national agricultural statistics (1982-present) for all countries of the world, primarily using publicly available national sources.  The archive includes all food crops and major cash crops. To facilitate their eventual use in food security assessment, agricultural development, and climate change applications, several ancillary tools are also being compiled: 1) the evolution and geographic shape of administrative or statistical reporting units over time, 2) sub-national crop-specific seasonal calendars, 3) an expanded crop coding system to allow accurate global crop comparisons, and 4) a digital collection of original source documents for each country.

What’s Happening

An initial, all-crop archive of sub-national agricultural statistics for 45+ countries has been completed, including statistics recently added for Philippines, Indonesia, Ecuador and Mexico. These datasets have been loaded, or are being loaded into the FEWS Data Warehouse. A current FEWS NET effort is underway to roll out access to the FEWS NET Data Warehouse in the April/May 2019 timeframe for close FEWS NET partners, among which are the University of Maryland and other Harvest collaborators. 

Gary Eilerts, Independent Contractor
Team Members

Richard Prevost, Data Analyst