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Study region showing crops under investigation

This project creates a prototype of a Cropland Carbon Monitoring System (CCMS) that improves the existing cropland… Read more

Maize yield estimates in the US corn belt from 2001-2017 based on methods from Jin et al. 2017. Our approach (SCYM: Scalable Crop Yield Mapper) combines satellite observations with crop model simulations to estimate crop yields at sub-field resolution even where reliable ground-based estimates are unavailable.

We develop globally robust approaches for mapping crop locations and yields to inform agricultural… Read more

Harvest Portal

NASA Harvest Portal: A tool for food security and agricultural data discovery and analysis.

Tanzania residents who assisted with drone work.

IFPRI and UMD are working as partners to understand how satellite data can help us better understand crop production… Read more

NASA satellites and technology support farm operations  to improve US production, resource use, and farmer livelihoods

Farmers need to make decisions on irrigation and soil moisture, tillage practices, cover crops,… Read more


GEOGLAM is an international G20-endorsed program geared toward enhancing the use… Read more

Relief 2 Resilience in the Sahel

Lutheran World Relief is working with NASA Harvest in Mali to gather valuable on-the-ground information about crop… Read more

Maize farmer in Pune, India checking a Fall Armyworm Pheromone trap.

This case study examined how satellite data informs decisions at various points along the agricultural value chain… Read more

Harvested Area - Maize Hectare per pixel

This project provides global area, production and yield maps for 40+ major crops at 5 by 5… Read more

A compilation of published sub-national agricultural statistics from around the globe

Working with USAID FEWS NET and Harvest members, this project compiles an archive of… Read more


This project will develop actionable data products and/or tools for Midwest farmers regarding better field-scale… Read more

Earth Observations for Agriculture and Food Security

Feed the Future, the U.S. Government’s Global Food Security initiative, takes an integrated approach to combating… Read more

National Crop Monitors

A combined effort from multiple projects supporting national agencies to develop and maintain Earth observations-… Read more

satellite image gif

We are developing systems that use machine learning analysis of remote sensing… Read more

Emerging Technologies event February 2018

We utilize this bi-annual workshop to bring the cutting edge of agricultural monitoring from the research community… Read more

farmers in field

This project aims to advance national agriculture monitoring with Earth Observations (EO) data in East and… Read more


We are studying optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) applications for crop… Read more

students in classroom

Led by our partners of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange (Read more